Turtle Dove Project Exhibition and Auction

Turtle Dove Project – Exhibition & Auction



In aid of Turtle Dove conservation


North Yorkshire Turtle Dove Project


An exhibition of sculpture and paintings of Turtle Doves and Woodland Birds

5 September to 13 October 2019

at the Forestry Commission’s Courtyard in Dalby Forest in Thornton le Dale

Auction – opening of bids on Sunday 13 October 2019


clay model for Turtle Dove sculpture

Operation Turtle Dove

The North Yorkshire Turtle Dove Project aims to help these beautiful birds which are at risk of extinction both in the UK and Europe through its partnership funded by Heritage Lottery, North York Moors National Park Authority, Forestry Commission and Howardian Hills AONB and supported by RSPB, Scarborough Borough Council, and North and East Yorkshire Ecological Data Centre.

What are the Project aims?

Provide advice, training, support and small-scale capital work to create feeding areas.

Train keen farmers about Turtle Dove conservation so that they can spread the word amongst the farming community

Recruit volunteers to conduct surveys

Deliver talks and guided walks for local residents, schools and community groups

Create publicity and display material at key locations in the National Park and Howardian Hills AONB.

Why are Turtle Doves in trouble?

Turtle Doves are no different from any other birds; they need food, shelter and water.  However, changes in land management practices means there are fewer places they can find the tiny flower seeds they feed on.  They like to nest in large scrubby hedges or young conifer plantations.  Pods are essential too for a good supply of drinking water.  Their decline may also have been worsened by hunting in southern Europe as they migrate in spring.

For more information or to let us know if you see a Turtle Dove please contact the Turtle Dove Project North Yorkshire.


Turtle Dove sculpture carved for the exhibition