Otter sculpture

Animal Sculpture

A gallery showing animal sculpture I’ve carved in stone – mostly wildlife that surrounds and is seen from my workshop.

FoxFat Rabbit sculptureBerg BearMoon HareHedgehogletWinter HareHareRed Foxbadger sqBear PortlandStainsby HareMoleStoat 2Shrew stone sculptureWild BoarBeast200water vole sqPUG sqPine MartenSoapstone MoleMouse sculptureSquirrel sculptureLlama sculptureOx sculptureHare SculptureMouse sculptureCamelid SculptureOtter SculptureFrog sculptureBadger sculptureFroglet sculptureGoat sculptureHedgehog sculptureRecumbent Rabbit sculpturestretchy rabbit sculpturerabbit sculptureMountain Hare sculptureWood Mouse sculptureOtter sculpture
Shrew sculptureFrog sculptureHare sculptureSquirrel sculptureSitting Fox sculptureUpland Otter sculptureOctober Hare sculptureHuddled Hares sculpureGilbertine Hare sculpture