Sculpture in stone


When the contours of a sculpture begin to form in my mind, I always see them in stone, envisage the texture, feel the solidity, and plan for generous curves.

As a natural raw material stone is unparalleled in its tactile qualities.  I know others feel the same – reaching out to touch a sculpture, in affirmation, and to fill the senses.

My carvings are simple shapes, with smooth surfaces.  I strive to achieve a balance between the weightiness of stone and the essential liveliness of my wildlife subjects.


Animal sculpture

Bird Sculpture gallery

Contemporary stone carving

Little Bird sculpture gallery

Owl stone sculpture gallery

Hare stone sculpture portfolio

Sculpture carved in Soapstone


Explore the Sculpture Galleries above, (just click on the image), or select sculpture from pieces available.  Please get in touch if you wish to discuss the possibility of commissioning a work made specially for you.