Pheasants sculpture

Bird Sculpture

They’re called our ‘feathered friends’ for good reason.

The garden visitors and ones I see from my workshop I refer to as ‘my birds’ and marvel at their character, spontaneity, and aerial ability.

Here, in Bird Sculpture, I aim to express some of that affection and respect carved in stone.

Sometimes the subjects for these pieces are observed and studied close at hand as they nest at my studio, others are imagined or a mix of birds brought together, gently evolved into a new nature.

Unknown BirdSwallowSitting birdSoapstone BirdOwl in hollowMay bird sculptureLingberry owlLingberry BirdHirundineFantailBee EaterBaby BirdSea Bird sqowly 2sqSpeckled Bird sqMagpie sculptureOwl chick bird sculptureSwallow Sculpture in SoapstoneRed Grouse SculptureBird Sculpture by Jennifer TetlowRed WingFugol Bird SculptureFlutter Bird SculptureShort Tailed Bird sculptureSwiftDiver bird sculptureLittle Owl sculptureBird sculpturePartridge sculptureBarn Owl sculptureEagle sculptureBird sculptureKingfisher sculptureLapwing sculptureOwl sculptureRaven sculptureLookout BirdGround Bird carving in stoneOwl Fly sculptureLong tailed Bird sculptureFour Feathers sculpturecuckoo sculptureTall tailed bird sculptureSide by side bird sculptureTwosome bird sculptureBird sculptureOwl sculptureWren sculptureUpside Down Bird sculptureWhimbrel sculptureCherty Bird sculptureBird sculpturePeewit sculptureCrake sculptureFinch SculptureBarclays Bird stone sculpturePlover bird sculpture
Short-eared Owl sculptureCurlew sculptureDabchick sculptureWren stone sculptureCorncrake sculptureBarn Owl sculptureSwallow sculptureBird sculptureBird sculptureCurlew bird sculptureBird sculptureCorncrake bird sculpture


Little Bird Sculpture

A collection of sculpture in celebration of small birds – the garden birds, hedgerow birds, and woodland birds that bring delight – Little Bird Sculpture