Little Bird with ivy

  I’m quite a fan of ivy, I know not everyone’s favourite, but there are so many benefits to wildlife in having thick clumps of it, as ground-cover or clambering its way up walls, buildings or trees, that I allow it pretty much free ramble. The ivy in the garden is providing wonderful, and essential […]

Wintry Workshop

  My footsteps in the lane made crunchy noises and my breath formed thick white clouds in front of me.  A glimpse through the hedge of my workshop – all very still and crisp. By the time I reached the gate, the sun was making everything golden, and sparkly. And thawing patches of grass.  My […]

Merry Christmas

    M E R R Y   C H R I S T M A S & H A P P Y    N E W   Y E A R          

The Rockefeller Owl

  What an extraordinary story this is – the Christmas tree ordered for the Rockefeller Centre in Manhattan, New York City arrived and when workers were unwrapping and installing it, they found a small owl hiding in the branches! It appears as if the owl, a Saw-whet owl, had travelled some 200 miles in the […]

Partridge Sculpture

  Partridges are forever connected to the Pear Tree, from the Twelve Days of Christmas carol but really they’re ground birds.  I watch them often here at the workshop as they visit regularly and do like to find a vantage point as a ‘look-out’ post, usually a block of stone, or the workshop roof (where […]

Tall Owl

  Tall Owl is tall and slender, appearing to be stretched up as if standing on tip-toe, and wearing I think a rather surprised expression. This sandstone owl sculpture is part of a collection just delivered to Watermark Gallery in Harrogate for their Christmas showing. They’ve opened early, to make the most of the last […]

Artisans Bazaar Birds

  In the next few days, my sculpture will be delivered in readiness for the opening of the Artisans Bazaar at The Gallery by the Lakes, Dorchester. I’m so pleased with my little collection – there are twelve pieces – all birds, small enough to be carried home easily, with the idea they’ll make perfect […]

In the Workshop today – Partridges

  There’s a growing bevy of partridges at the workshop – stone carved ones, and also the wild birds themselves, that seem to like to gather around my sheds. Other collective names for Partridge are bew, covey, jugging, and warren.  I seem to be working in multiples, indeed in flocks, at the moment.  It is […]

Mortall Gallery exhibition

  At the beginning of November a brand new gallery – Mortall Gallery in Barnard Castle – opens the doors to its first exhibition.  Next week I’ll be delivering sculpture for this inaugural show. I was approached a little while ago by David Hall, the gallery owner (and also an artist) about exhibiting, and amongst […]

Speciality Pumpkin

  The shapes and forms of heirloom pumpkins and the speciality varieties of squashes and gourds are simply irresistible at this time of year.  The fulsome lobes, furrows, ribs and bobbles an ornamental relish, and the colours such a real delight of Autumn. So seductive in fact, that I had to carve my very own […]