Tag: Stone Sculpture

Crow Country

    Most days they are my background sound, and sometimes I stop, sit, and take time to watch their flapping rise, fall and curving in the sky above the line of trees which form the view from my workshop.  Occasionally lone birds will caw and rattle at me from their perch at the top […]

Stone in some form

  What a brilliant episode this week’s Gardeners’ World was (did you see it?) and quite a treat when Joe Swift visits Chelsea gold medal winner and stonemason Martin Cook to see how he uses contemporary rock sculpture within his Buckinghamshire garden. So much talk of stone – I watched eagerly – rockeries, incised stone, […]

Stone Owl Sculpture

  Owl sitting in the sunshine ready to be packed up for the trip to Stillingfleet Lodge Gardens tomorrow to set up the Sculpture in the Garden exhibition which runs throughout August.      

Mottled Green Diver

  Divers are a small family of large water birds with three species regularly seen in the UK – Black Throated, Red Throated and Great Northern Diver. The Mottled Green is rarer! All have long, slender bodies, moderately long necks and dagger-shaped bills, narrow wings and small legs (with long, lobed toes) set far back on […]

Sculpture – shaping stone

  Pushing into the material.  Imagining the line.        

Only Girls Allowed

  Only Girls Allowed is the title of an exhibition at the Wensleydale Galleries starting in March – to celebrate International Women’s Day on Saturday March 8th, 2014. I’m very pleased to say that I will be showing sculpture at the gallery for this exhibition, and am just starting a figure carving – a female […]

Weasel Sculpture

  Wildlife is a constant inspiration for my sculpture – infused with the feeling of weasel after watching one bounding and zig-zagging in the field by my workshop, I wanted to carve one. I chose my favourite Yorkstone to carve the weasel, mainly because it is a stone I know well and all my energy […]

A Water Vole called Plop

  My Water Vole sculpture was inspired by encouraging news from a number of Water Voles re-introduction programmes, where there is evidence of thriving colonies, and some waterways where this elusive mammal has gained a stronghold.  Regular monitoring of these also suggests that the species remains vulnerable to further decline and extinctions.  Long-term habitat loss, […]

Talk and Tour – the Harrison effect!

  As part of my exhibition The Museum as Muse at the Ryedale Folk Museum there was a tour of the collection given by the gallery curator Sally-Ann Smith, and an informal talk, by me, about how the pieces in the exhibition came about. I was really looking forward to the evening, as a number […]