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Owl Sculpture – finishing touches

  Following Guiding Lines to Help me on my Way and Owl Sculpture – Carving Progress I’m now getting to the stage of finishing the sculpture. This means being steady with the chisel, and precise.  I’m also finishing the surface of the stone smooth, cleaning up all the curves and carving away any lumps and […]

Owl Sculpture – carving progress

  My owl sculpture is beginning to take shape – from the initial drawing on the stone I carved out the rough shape and it is now ready to have some detail and refining. It is when the owl’s real character will emerge and when I make sense of the irregular surface, carve in the […]

Guiding lines to help me on my way

    In the workshop today – I’m beginning an owl sculpture. Before I start carving into the block of stone I quickly sketch an outline of my idea – the drawn lines act as a guide so I don’t take off stone where I shouldn’t! I’ll keep you updated as I go along.  

Stone Owl Sculpture

  Owl sitting in the sunshine ready to be packed up for the trip to Stillingfleet Lodge Gardens tomorrow to set up the Sculpture in the Garden exhibition which runs throughout August.