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Stone Vases

Stone vases for fresh displays of flowers picked from the garden, spring buds, single stalks, or seed heads.

Group the decorative tiny pebble vases in clusters or place singly as individual little works of art.

Each vase is hand made.  Raw, natural stone is slowly transformed with craftsmanship, skillfully carved and shaped and then fine finished to bring out all the beauty, colour and texture of the stone.

Stone pebble stem vase


Cadeby Vase (barrel)        Pebble Vase

Pebble Vase (Cobalt stone)        Pebble Vase - Carrara Marble

Teardrop stone vases        Soapstone vase


For a selection of Vases currently available please visit my shop (sorry some collections sold out, but I can make to order if your favourite isn’t in stock at present).