Winter Mercatum – Haddon Hall

  It is with great pleasure that I invite you to the Winter Mercatum at Haddon Hall, Matlock, Derbyshire.  I have a small stand showing my stone sculpture and carvings inside the hall over the long weekend of 23 – 26 November, 2023. Haddon Hall’s Mercatum Winter Market is a treasure trove of the finest […]

The gentle delicacy of Alabaster

  Alabaster is a sensitive stone.  It needs sculpting with care, but worth every attentive minute for its unique charm.  Light floods the curves and soft edges for an enchanting natural appeal, its translucent surface absorbing and playing subtle maneuvers with it. I’ve been working on range of stem vases, each a beguiling individual. Alabaster […]

Crested Tit Bird Sculpture

  Crested Tit sculpture carved in Yorkstone showing the distinctive tuft of feathers on its head.  These tiny birds live in coniferous forests in northern and central Europe and are found in the pinewoods of northern Scotland. Once a pair have established themselves, nests are formed into a cup shape, built entirely by females, and […]

Chough Crow Jackdaw Jay Raven Rook and Magpie

Magpie scraperboard as preliminary drawing for my Magpie sculpture   The Crow Family Book by Jane Russ, published by Graffeg is all about these wonderfully intelligent birds. Excitingly one of the illustrations included in the book, under the section Corvids in Art and Literature, is a picture of my Magpie sculpture.  It feels very special […]

New Wings

  The young Barn Owls spend vast amounts of time preening, stretching and opening their wings to flap in mock flight. It is all about building up strength and confidence – I see them using their wings for balance while running, begging for food and for fending off over-eager siblings.  They’re now very protective of […]

Owl Infants

  My workshop at present is a real mess.  I don’t just mean the usual dust and stone chips – it is splattered with Owlet poo and littered with their pellets. The Barn Owls nested in my new box and raised three chicks.   They’ve been out of the nest for about a month now but […]

Long Bird

  The other day I watched a bird fly towards the old Sycamore tree at my workshop (I was sitting under it a the time) and land on one of the thick, gnarled branches. I shuffled my position to get a better look and it then seemed to spread out and put its neck and […]

Goldcrest bird sculpture amid Wisteria

  Goldcrests carved in Yorkstone with gilded crown in pure gold leaf. The fragrance of the Wisteria floats in through the open back door.  It has grown vigorously this last week and is now laden with the purple shades of its spring flowers – so beautiful, and today resplendent in the sunshine. I couldn’t resist […]

Bird perched on a tree stump

  A bird sculpture for a garden stream. A bird perched on a tree stump, leaning over, eyes fixed intently on the water below, ready for action – to dive – or fly rapidly up river to the next branch. Carved from a single block of Howley Park Sandstone.      

Pikorua sculpture for New Zealand Garden

  This weekend was the re-opening celebration of the New Zealand Garden in Valley Gardens, Harrogate and unveiling of the garden’s new sculpture.  The New Zealand Garden has undergone a refurbishment, part of which was to include my Yorkstone carving. The sculpture, a commission through Harrogate International Partnerships, is a Pikorua, a Maori symbol representing […]