Tag: Garden Sculpture

The Unspotted Crake

    For this sculpture, I chose a typical Crake pose – here’s how the RSPB describes this bird. ‘Spotted Crakes tend to skulk in thick cover and walk with their body close to the ground and tail flicking.  They swim with a jerky action, like that of the Moorhen.  If surprised in the open […]

Flutter in Flowers

  The time of the singing of the birds is come, and flowers appear.   When I was carving this sculpture, which I call Flutter, I thought of it being in a garden surrounded by spring flowers. Flutter sculpture in Tadcaster Limestone – details in my brochure.      

Stillingfleet Lodge Gardens – exhibition

  Chips are flying and new sculpture is taking shape. The weeks before an exhibition are always exciting  –  even if there’s a bit of a frenzy in the workshop getting sculpture finished on time.  Nothing like an exhibition deadline to galvanise arms into action and focus the mind. This is Bird in a Tree […]