Tag: Stone Birdbath

In the workshop today – chamfering

  A chamfer is a symmetrical sloping surface at an edge or corner.  Here it is the edge between two faces on a square column.  A form of bevel is created at a 45 degree angle on adjoining right angled surfaces.  There are four to do, one for each corner. In fact, this is a […]

Tranquility Garden update

  A little while ago I promised to share images of the Swan sculpture and Birdbath once they had been installed at the Tranquility Garden, Evesham Road Cemetary, Stratford upon Avon – so here they are. Yesterday I spent carving the feather motif on the plinths to complete the work for Hilary and her team […]

Tall and elegant stone Birdbath

  At this time of year I’m always busy making birdbaths, which I love, as I know the joy of watching birds flit to the bowl rim, sip water, or take the plunge for a full, splashy bath.  What a joy it is to watch. All my birdbaths are individually made by hand in a […]