The Unspotted Crake


Crake bird sculpture

Crake Sculpture carved in Yorkstone – 5″ x 10″ x 5″


For this sculpture, I chose a typical Crake pose – here’s how the RSPB describes this bird.

‘Spotted Crakes tend to skulk in thick cover and walk with their body close to the ground and tail flicking.  They swim with a jerky action, like that of the Moorhen.  If surprised in the open they run for cover or jump up and flutter away with legs dangling’.

Crakes are part of the Rail family of birds, which also includes Coots.  They feed on insects, snails, worms, small fish, and plant materials.  It is a bird that spends most of its time in thick cover and dense vegetation within its freshwater wetlands habitat so is difficult to see.

The sculpture is carved in my favourite Yorkstone, sanded smooth so the Crake can slither in and out of the reeds and waterside grasses un-noticed.





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