Owl in Columbines

  Garden Owl sculpture carved in High Moor Sandstone sits amongst the newly blooming Columbines.  Perhaps I should call them Aquilegia, as they are a garden cultivar in yellow,  with purple-green foliage. In the language of flowers (symbolism originating mostly in the Victorian era) Yellow Columbines bring positive energy, including friendship and happiness. The Celts […]

Furl and Frond

  Fern sculpture carved in Sandstone with mottled colouring (like dappled sunlight) Along with the appearance of Bluebells in Spring, ferns begin to show themselves, unfurling and stretching out their fronds. They intrigue with their coiling new leaves, hairy stems and delicate fronds. Furl and Frond fern sculpture is a commissioned carving, with a contemporary […]

Corncrake Couple

  Corncrakes (or Land Rails as they are sometimes known) are rather secretive birds, usually taking refuge in tall vegetation where they search for insects and seeds. They’re summer visitors to Britain, arriving mid April.  The male will look for a suitable breeding site and start to sing for a mate.  Once the mating has […]

The Buzzard

  The Buzzard sculpture carved in sandstone – work in progress.   Over the past few weeks the cries from Buzzards have become more determined and persistent.  This follows a stage of display flights.  Now they collect nest material. Buzzards use old twigs, small branches, and bark to construct a solid nest usually in the […]

Nest Exhibition

  The Egg Maker – carved in Yorkstone This bird sculpture is one of the pieces I’m showing at NEST an exhibition at Watermark Gallery which runs throughout April. It is an exhibition all about birds, wonderful birds.  Seven artists are coming together for this group show with their own individual depictions, in print, paint […]

Huddled Hares Sculpture

  Huddled Hares carved in Yorkstone are part of the collection being shown at Connect Art Fair by Norton Way Gallery.   Connect Art Fair, London’s Independent Art Fair is held at the Mall Galleries, London SW1 from 23 – 27 March 2022.   Norton Way Gallery can be found on Stand 9. Connect Art […]

Swaledale Fossil Stone

  Swaledale is a typical limestone Yorkshire dale, with its narrow valley bottom and steep glacier-formed vale sides.  The dale takes its name from the River Swale which passes through the valley Eastward and is said to be the fastest flowing river in England. This North Yorkshire dale has in turn given its name to […]

Gilbertine Hare

    The Magic of Medieval Carving   At the beginning of the chapter  – The Craftsmen and the Value of their Carvings from Ancient Misericords (in the priory church Great Malvern) there is a quote I rather like by Bernard Bosanquet. It comes from Three Lectures on Aesthetic and reads ‘Man’s mind possesses a […]

Barn Owl in Winter Light

  Recently days have been wintery, short, dark and grey – and then this morning the sun came up in golden style and put a glint on everything. Here my Barn Owl sculpture is bathed in that special winter light.  The Barn Owl sculpture is carved in Hazeldean Sandstone which is quarried near Alnwick, Northumberland […]

Upland Otter

  The course water takes from these little moorland pools can be followed as it flows, gathering pace with run-off from other ponds, until it reaches the many streams and rivers meandering through the valleys and dale bottoms of the North York Moors National Park. Along the banks of these becks and waterways, and often […]