Curlew sculpture carved in Yorkstone – 17″ x 7″ x 9″ I’ve shown this large, elegant wading bird at rest in this sculpture, with its head turned, resting over its back and wing.  Although it is a quiet pose, there is still alertness in the eye.  Curlew fly up to the moorland here around […]

More on the Hawfinch idea

  The idea of carving a larger Hawfinch sculpture is still with me (after my thoughts during the Big Garden Birdwatch) and I’ve been making some preparations by sketching and making clay models.  I’m working on ways of showing the rather flamboyant wing feathers, which have a twisty-curvy ruffled appearance at the tips Additionally, I’ve […]

Snow Curlew

  I’m making good progress on my Curlew sculpture despite the east wind bringing with it snowstorms.  Carving continues – the flurries don’t last long, and they give me the chance to stand back and look properly at how things are developing. This stage of working the sculpture is thrilling – there’s definitely a Curlew […]

Snowdrops carved in stone

  I’m working on Snowdrops, carving them into riven slate – I’m excited that my chisel leaves pale marks, helping to give the impression of white flowers. It seems a marvel that they manage to push their delicate heads above ground in snow, frost, and flood, but they’re especially well adapted to life in the […]

Bear thoughts

  As I carve and the bear shape sculpture emerges I’m thinking about the Medieval Bestiary and the bear illustrations in manuscripts, and how different my idea of bear and how I would like it to look, is. The Bestiary describes that their general attributes include eating honey, but can only eat the apples of […]

Polkadot – cat sculpture

  Recently I was commissioned to carve a sculpture of a cat called Polkadot, so throughout December and into January I carved away bringing feline features into a piece of Yorkstone. To the memory of Polkadot. You can see details of the carving process and the finished piece here.    

Little Bird with ivy

  I’m quite a fan of ivy, I know not everyone’s favourite, but there are so many benefits to wildlife in having thick clumps of it, as ground-cover or clambering its way up walls, buildings or trees, that I allow it pretty much free ramble. The ivy in the garden is providing wonderful, and essential […]

The Rockefeller Owl

  What an extraordinary story this is – the Christmas tree ordered for the Rockefeller Centre in Manhattan, New York City arrived and when workers were unwrapping and installing it, they found a small owl hiding in the branches! It appears as if the owl, a Saw-whet owl, had travelled some 200 miles in the […]

Partridge Sculpture

  Partridges are forever connected to the Pear Tree, from the Twelve Days of Christmas carol but really they’re ground birds.  I watch them often here at the workshop as they visit regularly and do like to find a vantage point as a ‘look-out’ post, usually a block of stone, or the workshop roof (where […]

Tall Owl

  Tall Owl is tall and slender, appearing to be stretched up as if standing on tip-toe, and wearing I think a rather surprised expression. This sandstone owl sculpture is part of a collection just delivered to Watermark Gallery in Harrogate for their Christmas showing. They’ve opened early, to make the most of the last […]