Mottled Green Diver


Diver Bird Sculpture

Divers are a small family of large water birds with three species regularly seen in the UK – Black Throated, Red Throated and Great Northern Diver.

The Mottled Green is rarer!

Diver sculpture

All have long, slender bodies, moderately long necks and dagger-shaped bills, narrow wings and small legs (with long, lobed toes) set far back on the body.  They are expert swimmers and divers.

Preening diver

Divers are sleek, streamlined birds that sit low in the water.  They are regularly seen preening to keep their dense feathers waxed and waterproof.

Close view of Diver's head

Diver – carved in green serpentine stone








  1. Comment by rusty duck:

    Beautiful Jennifer!

    • Reply by Jennifer:

      Thankyou – I’m planning another similar bird, but carrying its young on its back – like the Grebes do.

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