Owl Sculpture

Owl Sculpture


Barn Owl feather and stone

I’m so lucky to have Owls close at hand, to watch and get to know.  Barn Owls have nested at my workshop and raised young, which has brought enduring pleasure and inspiration for sculpture.

Barn Owl sculpture in the garden

The lane is filled with Tawny Owl activity as soon as light fades, and they are often to be seen on posts and in trees whose branches I walk beneath, calling and flying back to the steep, wooded hillside opposite.  Here, from the footpath I’ve seen the young in early summer, still white fluffy feathered, taking their first steps in the big wide world.

Clay models of owls

Little Hushwing - owl sculpture    Barn Owl sculpture

Owl sculpture    Owl sculpture


Guiding lines drawn on the stone


Little Owl - owl sculpture    owl sculpture

Barn Owl sculpture    Owl fly sculpture

Owl sculpture    Chick owl sculpture


Owl sculpture


Owl stone sculpture    Owl sculpture in stone

Owl sculpture    Owl sculpture


Short-eared Owl sculpture