Abundance in Red


Apples ready for picking

Already my geese have scrumped all the apples from the lower branches, and are very good as a team – one pulling at the leaves and twiggy ends, the other two jumping up to reach the apples.

The riper the apples get, the easier this is for them, as a knock or nudge with the beak and they fall – or vigorous yanking of the branch works too!

ripe apples

There’s no worry, I’m sharing my crop – there are plenty to go round for all those coming to enjoy the red abundance.  Blackbirds and Jays are already breakfasting on them, and wasps have cleverly eaten out the soft flesh of one and left a half skin hanging.

My turn now!

scrumping time






  1. Comment by Ellen Abbott:

    they are beautiful.

    • Reply by Jennifer:

      Good eating too!

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