Vase in Ashburton Marble

Vase – Ashburton Marble


Despite its name, Ashburton Marble is not a true marble, but a limestone which can be cut and polished to create an ornamental stone resembling marble.

Ashburton Marble is a layer of dark grey limestone quarried in Devon, containing swirls of coral fossils with white or pink calcite veining .  These corals, crinoids and brachiopods lived in the Devonian sea and are now visible, 350 million years later, when the stone is polished, as white shapes which show the internal structure of their skeletons in intricate detail.

Each vase gives us a unique glimpse of the creatures that lived in the tropical seas of our distant past.

Vase in Ashburton Marble       Vases in Ashburton marble

Vase carved in the fossil rich Ashburton Marble



The vase is hand made in a simple design to the finest detail and polished here in my Lastingham workshop as part of The British Marble Vase Collection.  The collection celebrates the beauty of natural stone and in particular the exceptional colour and pattern variation found in British marbles.