Vase - Hopton Wood Limestone

Vase – Hopton Wood Limestone


The carboniferous Derbyshire limestone ‘Hopton Wood’ was a stone I’d seen mentioned many times, when reading about well known British sculptors and stone carvers at a time when I was just starting out with hammer and chisel.  Probably most notably Eric Gill, I believe much of his best inscription work was done in Hopton Wood.  It is also a stone that resides in the interiors of numerous important buildings including Chatsworth House, Windsor Castle, Houses of Parliament, the Bank of England and many cathedrals

When time came that I felt ready to myself work a lump of Hopton Wood the quarry was no longer operational, and getting hold of a piece proved impossible.

Now having small sections of it here, I can say that its rich, warm cream colour  and fine, compact texture is a delight, but moreover it is a co-operative stone and responds to the mood of artist or craftsman.  Intricate designs can be worked sharply and reliably, though I have chosen to allow it to be handsome in a subtle and simple vase shape.

I found it allowed – in fact encouraged – me to work the neck and rim so elegantly and finely that the result is more akin to an aromatic oil jar, or an ancient scent bottle owned by an Egyptian Goddess.

It will oblige you too – in holding most beautifully any stem you wish for it to show.

Hopton Wood stone vase       Hopton Wood stone vase

Vase in Hopton Wood Stone


The vase is hand made in a simple design to the finest detail and polished here in my Lastingham workshop as part of The British Marble Vase Collection.  The collection celebrates the beauty of natural stone and in particular the exceptional colour and pattern variation found in British marbles.