Marble vase

Pebble Vase (Eskett Marble)


marble Pebble Vase       Vase in Eskett Light marble

Pebble vase in marble       Pebble vase

Eskett Marble

The small hamlet of Eskett in Cumbria is known geographically for its limestone formation.  The quarries produce aggregate and crushed stone.  There are small areas in the quarry holding stone of exceptional, polishable quality and for this reason the layers are known as Eskett Marble.

When brought to a sheen the dense British carboniferous limestone is often referred to as a ‘Shining Stone’ because of the way it takes a polish.  The colour spectrum of the stone is unique, earthy, and beautiful.

Shown here are vases in Eskett Red and Eskett Light marble – a limited number of these pebble vases are now available.

marble vase with Michaelmas Daisy