And the artwork was beautiful


Art& Show York 2017

A family visited my stand at Art& show York at the weekend and one of the youngsters left a note in my Visitor Book about his experience of the show, which summarizes the event perfectly I think …. ‘and the artwork was beautiful’.

It was such a busy weekend so I didn’t manage to get round to see all the other artists as planned – but here as a little review are some that caught my eye.

Ami Horrocks at Art& show York 2017

I loved these drawings of stacked stones, walls, and especially the stones in a circle.  They are by Ami Horrocks – Art from Nature, she had some beautiful images of leaves as well.

Ami Horrocks at Art& Show York

Victoria Claire Dawes is a studio potter, working in red earthenware and had a fabulous display of plates, mugs, bowls and pots – here is a teapot from her Teresa collection.

Ceramics by Victoria Claire Dawes

Another ceramic artist who wowed me was Linda Southwell.  Just look at the intricacy of those hand-built sculptural flower heads – organically inspired and meant to delight the senses!

Linda Southwell ceramics at Art& Show York

Linda Southwell Ceramics at Art& Show York 2017

Jenny McCabe artist and printmaker – also a bird lover!

Jenny McCabe at Art & Show York 2017

The use of oxides, glazes and slips in Rosemary McGarr’s ceramic work really appealed – pieces looked ancient, earthy and primitive, she had birds as well, but I liked this little ram.

Rosemary McGarr ceramics at Art& Show York 2017

I had quite a conversation with Ralph Shuttleworth about how he makes his contemporary wood turned sculptural pieces and was so intrigued by these ones.

Ralph Shuttleworth at Art& Show York 2017

It might be that the sculpture by Alison Coaten was my favourite at the show.  I stood in front of them for some time, they’re brilliant and extraordinary and it was lovely to briefly meet Alison – she hand builds in stoneware using a limited palette of white crackle glaze and gold lustre.

Alison Coaten at Art& Show York 2017

Also these two Henrietta Corbett prints, being shown by Staithes Studios, really stood out for me.

Henrietta Corbett prints being shown by Staithes Studios at Art& Show York 2017

Wish I could have met more exhibitors – you can see all artists at Art& Show York 2017.

One more artist I must mention is water-colour painter, illustrator and paper maker Erica Just who had the most sensitive and delicate grass paintings on display.  Her work is inspired by nature, meadows and hedgerows, and I couldn’t help buying some of her exquisite plant cards at the show.

I had a wonderful time – thankyou to all who visited my stand, made appreciative noises, made purchases, stroked and handled my stone sculpture, and to those who stopped and talked – your support is so much appreciated.




  1. Comment by Ellen Abbott:

    Some lovely work there. I particularly like Linda Southwell’s and Jenny McCabe’s work. and that red turned wood piece is amazing.

    • Reply by Jennifer:

      Its really exciting, and inspiring, to find work you like isn’t it – so good for making you think differently too!

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