A beach walk at Runswick Bay


Runswick Bay

It was to celebrate really – Runswick Bay was designated a Marine Conservation Zone on the 17th January, 2016 and I wanted to mark the occasion by taking in some sea air.

Seaweed and rocks


As I walked the beach I began to think about what it would mean having the new status – who was responsible for what, and how would it be done?


pebbles at Runswick Bay

a fern on the beach

Part of my wanting to share the celebration with the Bay, is a deep feeling that we need to protect our coastal environments and our seas – in fact I feel rather panicked by it.  So many stories in the media highlight the damage we are doing, and it needs to stop, we need to think differently.  I’m exploring ways I can get involved with doing just that and helping this little part of the Yorkshire Coast.

The sandy beach at Runswick Bay

rugged cliff at Runswick Bay

seaweed stump

The morning disappeared in bliss, despite the brisk conditions, Runswick Bay gave joy – rocks, pebbles, pools, sand, seaweed, seagulls, shells and that magically energising air.  Afterwards, at home, the smell of the sea was about me, and seemed, if possible, more intense than when the tide lapped at my walking boots.

tide coming in

















  1. Comment by ellen abbott:

    beautiful pictures Jennifer. I borrowed the one with the fern leaf. I may want to use it in a series of pieces if that’s OK.

    • Reply by Jennifer:

      Hello Ellen – yes of course – do show the pieces when made won’t you!

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