Bird Sculpture Book


Bird sculpture book

In fact it is a monograph on sculptor Geoffrey Dashwood which I’m reading at the moment.  It is a magnificent and illuminating book.  The sculptor himself has written sections which for me, makes it doubly inspiring.

It is a book of brilliance and filled with exceptional sculpture, it heaps such a surge of beauty I’m having to enjoy it in short bursts for fear I will be overcome.  Do you find that, a sort of collapse inside when met with a flowing of splendour and deeply touching pleasingness?  It has the effect of jellifying my insides making tears burst from my eyes (absolutely all in a good way, but crumpling anyhow!)

Monograph on sculptor Geoffrey Dashwood


Geoffrey Dashwood – Sculptor
Sladmore Gallery Editions






  1. Comment by Caroline:

    Yes, Jennifer: one of the rewards of reading, for sure. I remember the thrill of seeing the valley that was home during my teenage years lift off the page like a flying carpet before my eyes as I read the corvid murmuration sections in Mark Cocker’s ‘Crow Country’.

    • Reply by Jennifer:

      How wonderful – what a lovely description Caroline ‘lift off the page’. What a beautiful book Crow Country is, I agree.

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