Bird stone sculpture

Great Tit sculpture carved in Yorkstone

With the lighter mornings I’m hearing the beginnings of the dawn chorus.  There was a very sketchy start by a Blackbird this morning, but it soon got into its stride.

Just as bird songs are taking shape in the garden, bird sculptures are forming in the workshop.  This new one also enjoying the early February sunshine.










  1. Comment by Keith Grant:

    Enjoyed seeing your video contribution in the new Burrell Collection in Glasgow.
    It’s a really superb venue and the exhibits have some really wonderful examples of wood and stone carving, very inspirational. Lots of ideas to think about.
    How the ancient Egyptians managed to shape really hard stone so we’ll as they did without tungsten carbide, is a mystery to me!

    • Reply by jennifer:

      The collection is stunning isn’t it! I’m a big fan of Egyptian carving – copper and copper alloy, and stone chisels! Once I made a vase in alabaster in the same way the Egyptians did, using a stick and abrasives – it was very time consuming! They did have the best desert sand to grind and polish their stone – but still – their carving is incredible. Have you seen the exhibition at the British Museum? There is a Donatello one coming up at V&A too.

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