A bit of micro-gardening


Oval stone pot

Sleety, snowy, windy cold drove me indoors from the workshop early today – I promised myself that I would give the greenhouse a bit of a cleanup this weekend too, but it will have to be tomorrow now.  I haven’t abandoned the gardening idea entirely though.

Two stone pots

These little pots have been sitting empty on a shelf for some time – a visitor to my workshop saw them and asked if I would make some, but larger, so it has been one of my jobs this week to carve stone pots with scalloped edges for her.

Scallop edged stone pot

I’ve really enjoyed a few hours of micro-gardening – taking these tiny, young off-shoots from the main plant, and giving them their own little home.  Fiddling around with rootlets, soil, cuttings and bulbs has been fun and I feel quite refreshed by it and somehow wholesome.  I’ve even been wondering if I might ‘need’ a miniature trowel and fork, now I’ve got going with my indoor gardening, for when I fill my next little container and plant up further pots.

Small stone pots

Haven’t thought long about the little tools – it has been using my fingers and planting by hand that’s been such a pleasure.

small oval stone pot






  1. Comment by Ellen Abbott:

    oh, such sweet little pots.

    • Reply by Jennifer:

      Of course I’m besotted by stone, but I love the texture of this Bathstone, don’t you?

  2. Comment by countrysidetales:

    Lovely! You have made me long for spring and all the gardening/ planting/ sowing that brings x

    • Reply by Jennifer:

      It is a time when you look forward a bit – today mostly has been bleak here but now we have sun, which pushed through the sleet and gave wonderful rainbows, and suddenly things are transformed.

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