Brume Bird


Bird Sculpture

Through the haar and murky short December days, this bird came.  The bird sculpture, with its long tail high in the air is carved in Swaledale Fossil Marble (the same stone as Fossily Bird).

Quite a fascination working this dense stone, seeing all the structures within – the pre-historic remains embedded in the rock preserved forever – now impressively shining.

My name for this sculpture, Brume Bird is entirely in recognition of the cold, wintery days of drifting, vapourous fog which were the conditions which surrounded the workshop throughout its making.

(Brume = fog, mist)

In Longfellow’s Poems of Places anthology  – Denmark: Svolder, the Island King Olaf’s War-Horns – the second verse begins

“Sound the horns!” said Olaf the King;
And suddenly through the drifting brume
The blare of the horns began to ring …..





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