Bursts of Spring


the willow tree flowering

Pollen laden flowers of the Willow tree in the village


Early spring willow flowers

When the sun shines the willow tree flowers burst open with a golden glow

The hedgerows are changing, hints of the first fresh green growth, buds just bursting with brave new leaf.  All around I’m noticing a difference – this morning is bright sunshine after an icy, frosty start and the celandines have already opened their glossy yellow petals.

honeysuckle in the hedgerow

The winding stems of the honeysuckle in the hedgerow are greening with new Spring leaves

honeysuckle leaves green the hedgerow

Honeysuckle leaves push forward at every junction of the winding stems, willow trees are a glory of golden flowers and my gooseberry bushes sprout the greenest green leaves.

the brightest green of gooseberry leaves

These little signs of spring feel so good, encouraging and energising – they’ve put a real bounce in my step this morning.




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