Carving Dolomite Marble


Dolomite marble block

This is a new stone for me.  It has an amazing texture of large, rather flaky crystals which catch the light and sparkle.

Dolomite marble

The crystals of dolomite have light reflecting curved faces which gleam, glint and shine with a sugary twinkle as I’m carving.  They seem to behave rather erratically in response to the chisel, so I’m going easy until I learn the right manners.

From the rough surface you see now it seems difficult to imagine it will achieve a smooth marble-like finish, but I’ve done a test area and it polishes to a cool sheen.  Don’t worry, it doesn’t lose any of its sparkle – just goes from raw to refined, and beguiles all the more.

I'm carving my next sculpture in Dolomite




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