The Display of the Pied Wagtail


Pied Wagtail displaying

The other evening I sat in the sunshine after shutting up the workshop, gazing, thinking about nothing at all really – mellowing.  Suddenly I was aware of a loud, musical twittering and just yards from my feet were a pair of high-spirited Pied Wagtails.

They commenced the most spectacular display, something I’ve never seen before, distinctively intense and dramatic.

Wagtail displaying

After it was over I tried to replay the sequence of it in my mind – wondering if it was usual Wagtail behaviour.   In British Birds, Henry Boase writes perfectly about seeing the same eye-catching event:

‘The courtship of the Pied Wagtail is rather more elaborate than seems usual among the smaller birds.  There is also a grace about its performance which makes it outsanding …..’

You can read the rest of The Display of the Pied Wagtail by Henry Boase here.

The display of the Pied Wagtail




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