Dove Sculpture


Dove Sculpture in Alabaster

The Dove sculpture I’ve been working on is now finished.  I’ve spent many hours of sanding and polishing to remove any tool marks visible and leave the stone surface as clean and pure as I can.  Alabaster is so inherently beautiful in terms of depth and richness of colour, veining and patterns that polishing it is the best way to reveal those characteristics.

It has certainly brought out the feathery, cloud-like translucency of this piece of stone, giving the Dove a sort of mysterious glow.

Alabaster Dove sculpture

Intriguing for the visual senses with a tactile soft and silky texture.

Dove Sculpture






  1. Comment by Ellen Abbott:

    very sweet Jennifer. I love alabaster. people would ask me sometimes if my small bows were alabaster.

    • Reply by Jennifer:

      It does look a lot like frosted, or semi opaque glass so I’m not surprised – it always comes as a revelation to me when working this stone, as I am used to solid colour.

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