Earthy Oxides


Earthy Oxides colouring the stone red

These tones come straight from a glowing summer sunset, or a fiery brick kiln.  The presence of iron-oxide on the stone’s outer surface is responsible for this hot amber blush.

The drama and excitement of it is perhaps heightened by the calm, palest creamy-white serpentine stone, which is the solid inner of this block.  Silky cool, clean and pure.

It will feel like working garnet, or am I carving cornelian, jasper or coral.




  1. Comment by Caroline @coastcard:

    How exciting, Jennifer. I wonder if you will carve something like a robin to make use of the red in a (semi-?)naturalistic way – or use the pigment to some other end. When a wave recedes I always keep an eye out for small pieces of carnelian on parts of the Suffolk coast…

    • Reply by Jennifer:

      I do want to make use of the red if possible. I understand carnelian is a stone of creativity, individuality and courage, and a stone of protection. I must look out on the beach for some too!

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