Easter-time Gorse blooms


Gorse in bloom

The gorse is coming into bloom here on the moor – traditionally it was used as a colourant for painting Easter eggs – though I’ve never tried it.

Gorse flowers

In stopping to admire the flowers I disturbed a Stonechat pair – the male perching high and calling with a sharp loud sound, like two stones being tapped together (hence its name).  The female busy with nesting, collecting material and disappearing deep into the centre of the protective, spiky Gorse.  A perfect Easter treat to see them.

Stonechat on a gorse bush


Female Stonechat

I brought a little snip of Gorse home from the Stonechat’s bush, for the cheery yellow flowers to celebrate Easter and the nesting birds.


Easter display of Gorse flowers


H a p p y   E a s t e r


Easter blooms





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