The Eclipse excited some


The eclipse

The light was extraordinary, casting long shadows and strange hues.  I’ve never seen an eclipse before. There were sort of rainbows in the clouds too – at least through the camera!

Cloud colour during eclipse


I was trying to capture it all, which was made very difficult by certain people who got all excited, gathering round my feet making lots of noise and nibbling my knees!  My geese were clearly affected by all the strangeness – or was it that I was more interested in the sun than them?

My grey goose

So I thought best to take some pics of them too – my geese, not to be eclipsed, but in the light of the eclipse!


Geese nibbling my knees

And then all went back to my usual view.  Did you see it?  Do share your pics if you managed to get any.

View after eclipse







  1. Comment by Ellen Abbott:

    it was totally not visible from here but even if it had been I wouldn’t have been able to see anything as we are still totally overcast and rainy.

    • Reply by Jennifer:

      I’ve seen some astonishing pics from this morning, I think here it wasn’t as complete and a bit cloudy – sorry you didn’t get a glimpse.

  2. Comment by rusty duck:

    Oh, I do love your geese. They are such beautiful creatures.. if on the stroppy side!

    • Reply by Jennifer:

      They’re real characters, and great company and I love them too!

  3. Comment by Annie:

    We saw it, but took no pics. And you’re right … the quality of light was unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

    • Reply by Jennifer:

      I took lots of pics, most of them were just bright splodges – but got this one. It left me feeling a bit strange – I think these kind of events affect us more than we know.

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