Exhibition Review by Sue Gough


Roundel carved in Alabaster

Roundel carved in Alabaster

I’m having a small celebration here as my exhibition at the Ryedale Folk Museum, The Museum as Muse has just got a review.

It is penned by Sue Gough, who is Chair of Ryedale Artworks and a full-time artist herself.  You can read it over on her blog.

It is important to me – this is my first solo show, and to have an insightful and objective opinion in the form of a review, helps me learn, grow and improve as an artist and gives me feed-back about how my work is seen.

Any exhibiting artist knows that reputations can be made or broken by a single, influential review.  For me it is a helpful indicator of whether I achieved what I set out to, and a guide for positive change.

I’m extremely grateful to Sue, who not only visited my exhibition on a number of occasions, but also came to my talk and in a gently journalistic way enquired and questioned for the purpose of writing the review.

Thankyou Sue  for my very first Review – I’ve learned a lot!

Magnifier - Bath Stone and Alabaster

Magnifier – Bath Stone and Alabaster



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