Fog and Fish


Foggy start to the day

A foggy start this morning, making everything seem heavy and cold.  I know it will clear soon enough, as there’s a warmer, brighter beaming of the background sun, which will shine and clarify.

Sometimes carving feels like this, a shrugging off required of all superfluous stone, which weighs the shape down, a dense enclosure.  Slow, steady chiselling (there are moments when it feels like I can’t get through) brings out sleek lines and sharp shape.  And this time a fish begins to emerge and feel smooth and swimming.

Fish carved in sandstone








  1. Comment by Ellen Abbott:

    I get it. there is always a point when I am carving down the wax when I think I’ll never get it where I want it. but it does always get there. mostly. I’ve abandoned more than one model that I just could not get right.

    • Reply by Jennifer:

      Do you keep your abandoned models? Just wondered if you came to them later and found they were better than you remembered, or worthy of further work.

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