Vixen Cub


Fox sculpture

Vixen Cub sculpture carved in sandstone


Fox sculpture carved in Fell Sandstone – a Vixen cub sitting in the Spring morning sunshine on mossy tree roots on the edge of Hagg Wood.

March is the peak month for fox cub births, though it will be a few weeks before they emerge from the den.  They’re born blind and deaf so initially their mother remains with them constantly.

Research suggests that more female cubs are born to Foxes where the habitat quality is poor, and hence fox size smaller – mothers invest more energy in producing male cubs so the larger females (from better quality domains) are better able to cope.  Also it seems the vixen heavy litters are born earlier in the year (the later male cubs born to coincide with the glut of mammal prey at the time they are being weaned).

The wonderful and inspiring balances of nature.




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