A frenzy of fledglings


Blue tit fledgling in my workshop

It is so busy at the workshop just now with birds free from sitting on nests frantically attempting to manage their broods, fresh fledged and wide-eyed.  My pair of blue-tits, who nested in the corner of my shed, encourage their young with constant calls and example flights upwards.

Baby Blue tit

One baby took its first flight inside the shed, rather than out – and perhaps left the nest too early, as its wings didn’t seem to take it far, or keep it air-borne.  I watched for a while – it pulled itself up the wall, with beak and claws, to the nearest ledge and then attempted a flight – only to plummet to ground (the dusty workshop floor).

young blue tit

Once it landed in a bucket (which I put on its side so it could get out).   All the while the parents encouraging it on and feeding.

Blue tit baby in a bucket

Blue tit parents work incredibly hard for their youngsters.  Mum took to using Hare’s ear as a favourite perch from which to call to and reassure her youngster.

Mother blue tit perched on my Hare sculpture

The following morning I found scattered feathers – which suggests predation, and that this little one didn’t make it.  Felt sad all day.  We become so protective of our little bird families don’t we – willing all to be well with their rearing.

I’m surrounded by success stories though – tree sparrow, nut hatch, blackbird, woodpecker and great tit young are vigorous and noisy in nearby hedges and trees and at my feeders.




  1. Comment by ellen abbott:

    love this post and poor baby blue tit. the picture of mom on the hare is wonderful. I have a pair of mockingbirds nesting in a stack of old pallets with three little eggs. my grandson found it when he had to move the pallets off the trailer so as to use the trailer. we carefully moved the pallets and stacked them up a few feet away from their original position hoping mom wouldn’t notice or mind. I have seen her fly away since so I know she is still sitting on the eggs.

    • Reply by Jennifer:

      Sometimes they nest in the most unlikely/inconvenient (for us) places. So glad your birds were spotted and how wonderful she’s still sitting. Perhaps they’re more robust than we think sometimes

  2. Comment by Sarah:

    That is so sad that the little one didn’t make it. Your images were so lovely. Sarah x

    • Reply by Jennifer:

      I know – and I hope it doesn’t prevent them coming back next year to nest with me.

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