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Happy Valentine's Day

This is a little pot I made specially for Valentine’s Day.  It is carved in my favourite sandstone and simply planted with a white hyacinth.  On the front I carved out the outline of a heart shape, and then infilled with lead, and tamped it down to give the metalic hammered effect.  I’ve wanted to make this little planter for a long time.

Plant pot with heart

A few years ago I had an exhibition at the local Ryedale Folk Museum gallery – the idea was to make work based on the collection held at the museum, and in particular the Harrison Collection they’d recently acquired.

Lead heart

One of the objects I especially liked, was a small crucible shaped pot, made in lead.  It had writing on, and a lid with the Maltese cross of St John marked on the top.  It was a Tudor heart burial urn.  The pot was inscribed ‘Here lith the harte of John Peck AD 1562’.  The lead urn with lid, were made to preserve the heart, which after John had died, was sent home for burial.

Lead pot

Image courtesy The British Museum and BBC – A History of the World

Throughout most of my childhood we lived in an old farmhouse, on one of the gable ends was a set of mullion windows, they were my bedroom windows.  Above them, dominant in the triangle at the apex of the roof, was a stone carved cross of St John of Jerusalem.  It was a great fascination along with the stories of the Knights and the Crusades.  I recognised the same cross on the lead urn.

white hyacinth

From this the idea of the little pot came about, with a lead heart on it.  I love the flexibility of lead and the act of tamping it into shape which leaves beautiful dimple marks, softly gleaming.

stone pot with heart

Happy Valentine’ Day!





  1. Comment by Jen Muddy Boot Dreams:

    That’s gorgeous…I love the texture, the muted colors, and of course the plant.

    Lovely blog and nice to meet you.


    • Reply by Jennifer:

      Hello Jen – thanks for lovely comments. I’m loving my Hyacinths, they’re especially happy making in this rather dull, grey Feb – my collection is growing!

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