Glim Holder in pollen hues


Candlestick in stone

October arrives and I’m really noticing the darker nights and mornings, certainly a freshness in the wind, and the leaves are turning.

Without thinking really I’m making little changes too, and the other day bought some candles to add some cozy and because I can’t resist the mesmerizing calming light.  The candles are slim and small and made of pure beeswax – the aroma when lit is subtle, warm, and honey scented.  (I got them from Rowen and Wren, who write brilliantly in their Musings about where and how they are made – it is almost as if they are describing the way I work!)

Quite magically I found they fit perfectly into my Cadeby stone vases.  I knew when I opened the box of candles that they would make a lovely pairing – it’s the colour – the beeswax gets this suitably autumnal yellow from the pollen the bees collect and doesn’t the stone compliment it just beautifully?

So, although it remains a very useful vase, it has become a Glim Holder too (glim is an old slang word for light, candle, or little lantern).

Natural beeswax candle in stone holder


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  1. Comment by Caroline:

    ‘Glim’, well, that’s a new one for me, though, of course, it must be linked to ‘glimmer’. And yes, Jennifer, I agree about your mellow pairings of stone and candle.

    • Reply by Jennifer:

      Thank you Caroline – yes, and I suspect glimpse too.

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