Goldcrest bird sculpture amid Wisteria



Goldcrest bird sculpture carved in Yorkstone

Goldcrests carved in Yorkstone with gilded crown in pure gold leaf.

The fragrance of the Wisteria floats in through the open back door.  It has grown vigorously this last week and is now laden with the purple shades of its spring flowers – so beautiful, and today resplendent in the sunshine.

I couldn’t resist taking my latest Goldcrest sculpture out to be photographed amongst the blooms.

Goldcrests and Wisteria

I’ve been watching coverage of the Chelsea Flower Show and couldn’t help but looking out, indeed searching for places in the show gardens where I thought one of my sculptures would sit well and look magnificent.  Now I’m absolutely brimming with ideas for displaying sculpture, and inspired by the sumptuously rich planting schemes.

Goldcrest bird sculpture

Perhaps the Goldcrests are thinking about my placement, and wondering why I didn’t choose a coniferous or mixed woodland, or an area of the garden with large trees.


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