A Grand Day Out – Cornish Soapstone


Otter sculpture in Cornish Soapstone

Playful Otter sculpture carved in Cornish Soapstone

Recently I got a call from the makers of Susan Calman’s television series A Grand Day Out.  Susan was to visit the South Coast of Cornwall (a return visit as she loves it so much), and the beautiful Cornish Soapstone got a little mention in the programme.  This episode featured some of my carvings and sculpture made in this everso beautiful stone.

The programme went out on 21 October on Chanel 5 (Series 4 – episode 1) – a big thank you to everyone who has contacted me since, and especially asked about Playful Otter (now sold).

Other pieces shown were my Soapstone vases.

Cornish Soapstone Vases

Vases carved in Cornish Soapstone


Susan Calman – Grand Day Out – South Coast of Cornwall featuring Cornish Soapstone and some of my sculpture and carvings made in this beautiful stone.

Season 4 – Eposode 1


Other sculpture carved in Cornish Soapstone




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