Guidance for Mentoring Artists


I’ve just been on the most amazing day course – it was organised through Ryedale Artworks – my local arts group, to offer training for members who felt they might be able to offer mentoring to other members.


RAW had identified areas where members were looking to learn new skills, needed help, or wished to develop opportunities and their practice.

Within the membership of the Group there is a huge knowledge and skills resource, which, if shared, could benefit everyone.

The course was brilliantly delivered by Anamaria Wills of CidaCo – in a highly motivating way – packed with straight-talking, enabling advice and guidance.

We had a practice session, where I  mentored a fellow Artworks member.  I was excited but felt a bit out of my depth initially, and tried to remember the teaching sessions and implement my new learning.   I’ve been going over it in my mind since, and realise I learned much more about me, and my tendencies when interacting with others.

Medieval drawing of the brain - I felt like this - flushed and brain-full with all the new information.

Medieval drawing of the brain – I felt like this – flushed and brain-full with all the new information.

For a start I need to listen more, actively listen – and be less bossy!  Don’t forget, I’m used to carving, perhaps I was thinking too much as I do with a new block of stone, where for the most part you have to be positively in charge, decisive and full of action.

I’ve learned such a lot.   And have so much more information from Anamaria which I need to digest and practice.   Look out for the new me – coming soon!



  1. Comment by Sue Gough:

    Brilliant blog Jennifer, very insightful. Can I use it for RAW’s evidence file please?

    • Reply by Jennifer:

      Thanks Sue, yes of course.

  2. Comment by Anamaria Wills:

    Dear Jennifer – Sue Gough drew this to my attention – what a lovely piece! Thank you for the kind words, too! I really enjoyed working with you and your colleagues and am sure you’ll be a terrific mentor!

    may I use this piece on our website/twitter/Fb page plse?


  3. Comment by Jennifer:

    Anamaria thankyou – you’re very welcome to use the blog post.

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