Hailstorms, Sunshine and Birds


Hailstorm and sunshine

Hailstones batter the workshop roof, the wind gusting them in swirls.  Moments later the sun shines.  It is the cycle of this morning.

Between each stormy bout the birds appear and resume their activity, some brave the hail battering anyway to forage and feed.

And sing.

Dunnock singing

And court and pair.

A pair of chaffinches in the hedgerow

And flit and wag.

Pied Wagtail feeding

And search for Spring’s newest shoots.

Bullfinch in the hedgerow

Every day I see a little more unfold in the lives of these birds who live in the hedgerow here, or in my sheds, and admire how they navigate their challenges, and I’m looking too, ever so close, at their shapes, gestures and habits.






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