Hare Hesitant


Hare sculpture

‘Mad as a March Hare’ they say….   March is right in the middle of the Hare’s breeding season, the males searching out the females, chasing and circling them.  If a male tries to get too close too soon, the female stands up on her hind feet and turns on him striking with her forepaws, forcing him to defend himself, and they box and leap and rush together and apart in a wild dance.

At first glance, it is chaos, madness – but the madness, devilry, feminine wiles and the shifting mood of the moon come together in the reality and mythology of the hare as winter comes to an end.

This one arriving cautiously though, emerging into the spring sunshine slowly, quietly.  Not timid exactly, perhaps a bit shy.

Hare Hesitant – carved in Yorkstone – 10″ x 6″ x 6″

Hare stone sculpture





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