A Kestrel’s Chiding


Have you ever been scolded by a Kestrel?  It is new to me – but there’s absolutely no doubt about it when it happens!

This is the reason.

A kestrel perch in my workshop

A few days away from the workshop and wildlife has taken up residence – of course I’m delighted – but hadn’t expected it to be so noisy, and with such fierce intensity, that they encouraged me to leave within minutes of my return.

A pair of Kestrels flew overhead, a fast direct flight, making a banking turn to face me.  I could see their heads lower and piercing eyes directed at me as they hovered above, all the while screaching in a high-pitched ki-ki-ki-ki rant.  I stood stock still, and wondered if they might swoop at me.  Just as fast as they appeared, they set off and I watched them disappear into the distance and their sound soften and become inaudible.  I mouthed to the sky that I meant no harm, and that they were welcome here.

I haven’t seen them since.  You’ll remember that earlier in the year I was visited by Kestrels, and indeed put up a nest box – but it appears that I am too much disturbance.  I’ve felt rather guilty, and at times found myself tip-toeing around, or trying to be quiet in whatever I’m doing – it is not easy moving blocks of stone around, hammering and carving and shaping sculpture in a noiseless way.  I’m afraid if they want this as their territory they’ll have to get used to me.






  1. Comment by Ellen Abbott:

    it’s usually the wrens that do the scolding around here.

    • Reply by Jennifer:

      Yes, they do here too, but in a tiny way compared with the Kestrels!

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