Letter carved stone sundial


Carving starts on the Wall Dial

Usually I use brass dials for the sundials I make, insetting them into the stone top, but recently I’ve been working on a rather special Wall Dial which has had all the detail carved into the stone.

It was designed by Stephen Holehan and calculated for the exact location for the client, taking into account the position and wall declination.   He brought me the layout and asked if I could make it in stone, and I’ve been delighted to work with him on this project.

Progress on carving the Wall Dial sundial

I went very carefully with my carving to keep the lines accurate and true to the design.

The wall dial will be held vertical on the gable end of the house with brackets and I feel is probably imposing enough (2′ x 3′) that the whole village will be able to tell the time by it.

Carving a Wall Dial in stone

I had rather hoped for a sunny delivery day – but it snowed!

It snowed on the sundial delivery day



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