Life Drawing


Life Drawing classes

To become good at drawing, you have to practice – a lot!  My discipline for this comes in waves and my resolve wavers!  Sometimes I wonder why I seem not to be improving, or getting the results I want.  I’m hoping that joining John Creighton’s Life Drawing class will help things along.

Yesterday was the first session, and a busy class, Appleton Village Hall was full of ‘life drawers’.  It was a very intense two hours, I was concentrating like mad, and time disappeared.  When I came out, it took a few minutes to adjust back into Tuesday afternoon, and where I was.

We began with quick drawing sessions, with the pose changing every few minutes.

Life drawing sketches

Then we spent longer on a pose, initially just getting a simple outline and then working further to achieve (hopefully) a more accurate drawing.

Life drawing class

John is a very gentle teacher, and occasionally I was aware of him at my shoulder – there to offer help and guidance if required.  He drew a few lines on my paper to remind me what the aim was, and how the sketch could progress from my first few tentative marks.

Life drawing

Looking forward to next week.




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