Losing sense of time


Workshop clock

The feeling of time is a very subjective thing – time of course is a construction and it seems natural that we would all perceive it differently.   At times even not to be aware of it.   It happens regularly to me, in fact possibly every time I come into the workshop – I have a clock, so should it become necessary to know, I can glance up and see the hour.  Once carving away, concentrating and busy in work, my sense of it disappears altogether.

I’m working especially hard this afternoon as I know when I leave a little later (or it might be a lot later) I will need to alter my clock – moving the hands forward and so losing an hour.  What a strange system we have.






  1. Comment by Amanda:

    I wish sometimes we had no clocks, time takes up your “time”, time to eat, work and sleep. If we could live the day without a clock I think I would get more done..
    Amanda xx

    • Reply by Jennifer:

      I think I probably do, more or less, nature has a way of making us aware of change, as does biology! Then other times I’m so pleased to have the ‘security’ of things happening in a scheduled way. I find the clocks going forward more difficult to adjust to than going back – seems to muddle me for a few days.

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