MBE for Ryedale Wildlife Rehabilitation


I was so pleased to see on the front of our local paper today that Jean Thorpe, who founded Ryedale Wildlife Rehabilition, is receiving the MBE for services to wildlife rescue in Yorkshire.

Jean Thorpe with Barn Owl

Jean Thorpe tells Sparkle the Barn Owl all about her MBE honour

For over thirty years Jean has been dedicated to the rescue and returning to the wild, of injured and sick animals and has been responsible for the recovery of some of Britain’s wildlife at most risk, including  endangered Otters, Red Kites and Marsh Harriers.

I know first hand about Jean’s work as I took a Tawny Owl to her, that I found injured by the side of the road, and knew immediately that it was in the best possible hands for its chance of survival.

Congratulations Jean!


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