Mole Sculpture


sculpture of a mole

A sculpture, straight out of the animal world, carved in Cornish Soapstone (Polyphant) depicting a Mole ready to put its huge front digging paws to use and burrow underground.

Mole sculpture

The stone piece used for carving Mole has beautiful colouring, which has been fully celebrated in the refined finish and polished smooth surface.

Mole sculpture – 7″ x 4″ x 3″





  1. Comment by Caroline Gill:

    What a delightful mole, Jennifer. S/he reminded me of visits to a park I visited in my childhood which had a Peter Rabbit sculpture trail/rockery of small figures. I haven’t thought about it for years! It was always exciting to see which characters were round the next corner, hiding in the ferns or shrubs. The thought made me wonder whether other Wind in the Willows creatures might follow …

    • Reply by jennifer:

      How lovely that it has been some unearthing of memories, and what lovely recollections! I too do love the ‘finding’ just round the corner, or half obscured by foliage. What an idea for an exhibition theme or new collection of pieces – now you have me thinking!

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