A moorland sort of bird


Partridge sculpture

To be more precise, a Partridge.

I’ve agonised rather about actually giving this sculpture, carved in Yorkstone, the name Partridge – because it didn’t quite develop a partridgy enough look.  Other birds kept creeping in during the carving, which I seemed unable to chase away.

Sometimes carvings don’t always go as planned, sometimes the stone has a say.  Sometimes the hand won’t, or can’t create what is in the mind’s eye, which is very frustrating –  foot-stamping, tantrum, cry, flop in despair, frustrating.  But I look at this bird now, this Partridge, and I like it, even in its unlikeness, so it came with me onto the moor for photographs, where it seemed quite at home.

stone partridge

Throughout the time of carving Partridge, I thought about it up here on the moor – the stone colour seems to fit with the peaty, muted colours that characterise the moor at this time of year.  My mind pictured it nestled deep into the rich brown heather, shuffling its plump feathered breast over a small scrape of a nest.  It is definitely a ground nesting bird.

stone partridge








  1. Comment by Amanda:

    Your Partridge looks beautiful and so at home up on the moor..
    Amanda xx

    • Reply by Jennifer:

      Thankyou Amanda – lovely to have your comment – as soon as I put the bird down on the moor grass, it sort of looked as if it lived there. Its back at the workshop now – but we can see the moor from here, so Partridge is happy.

  2. Comment by Annie:

    Partridge, or ptarmigan perhaps? Beautiful, certainly.

    I have written about birds today.

    • Reply by Jennifer:

      Oh, thankyou Annie – these birds all have similarities don’t they – it is just capturing the right one. Lovely to have your comment – thanks.

  3. Comment by Ellen Abbott:

    it’s lovely even if not quite partridge.

    • Reply by Jennifer:

      Another is on its way – by the time I have a covey, they might be looking right!

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